Daily World News Digest 24 October 2019

Commemorating victims of the Spanish Civil War

The BBC reports on issues related to the exhumation of the human remains of former Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, including work now underway across Spain to exhume and identify victims buried in clandestine graves during and after the 1936-39 Civil War.  A 1977 Amnesty Law prevents any criminal investigation into the Franco years, while a 2007 Historical Memory Law recognizes victims on both sides and provides some help for surviving victims of Franco’s dictatorship and their families. More than 100,000 victims of the conflict, and the repression carried out afterwards, are still missing. https://bbc.in/2JiOYnb

Mexico: President reaffirms commitment to accounting for the missing

El Nuevo herald reports on a ceremony this week in the Mexican Senate, to confer an award on 92-year-old human rights activist Rosario Ibarra de Piedra, who reacted by symbolically presenting the award to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador with the plea that he should “return it to me together with the truth about the whereabouts of our beloved missing children and relatives”. The President responded, pledging himself to “do everything humanly possible to account for the missing” (original article in Spanish). https://hrld.us/31NbyL7

Human trafficking and missing children in South Asia

Reuters reports that cases of human trafficking in India have fallen sharply according to new government data, but campaigners warn that the figures may not reflect the full magnitude of the crime. South Asia, with India at its center, is one of the fastest-growing regions for human trafficking in the world. Campaigners say that estimates of the scale of human trafficking in India should incorporate data on missing children as kidnapped persons. https://bit.ly/32GHjXq

New method to determine gender of human remains

Rawad Qaq, who fled Syria in 2015 and acquired a doctorate in forensic dentistry in Scotland, has developed technology that helps to identify the gender of war victims, the Irish news outlet Breaking News reports. The method developed by Qaq enhances the ability to determine the gender of human remains on the basis of skull analysis, the article says. https://bit.ly/2WaATND


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