Daily World News Digest, 24 November 2016

Almost one in three Calais child refugees missing

The Independent reports today that almost one in three children who moved from the so-called Calais Jungle refugee camp after it was demolished have already gone missing, according to a report by a youth organization. The Refugee Youth Service (RYS) monitored 179 children displaced by last month’s evictions, of whom 56 percent are now living in France’s children’s homes, eight percent moved legally to the UK and two percent were sleeping rough. Yet another 30 percent could no longer be found. RYS co-founder Ben Teuten said: “We saw it in the southern evictions in March where 129 children are known to have disappeared and are witnessing it again now. A third of the 179 children RYS were tracking in the October evictions cannot currently be located.” http://ind.pn/2g5znqv

Bodies of 25 victims of Camp Speicher pulled from Tigris River

Iraqi News carried an article yesterday on an announcement by UNHCHR that the bodies of 25 victims of the massacre of Camp Speicher had been taken out of the Tigris River in Tikrit. UNHCHR said it wants to expose the crimes committed by so-called Islamic State. http://bit.ly/2gDnwDU

Mexican officials find camp with mass graves  

Fox News Latino reported yesterday on the discovery of a drug gang’s camp where a kidnap victim was rescued, body parts were found in a cooler and the remains of seven bodies were extracted from clandestine burial pits. The discovery was made by police and soldiers on Monday afternoon, according to ACN, a news agency in Guerrero, where rival drug gangs have been engaged in a wave of extortion, kidnappings and turf battles. In the area around the camp, clandestine graves where the remains of seven bodies were recovered were found, according to ACN. http://bit.ly/2fpFXqE

Amnesty accuses Nigeria of killing at least 150

Amnesty International publishes an investigation today in which it says that the Nigerian security forces, led by the military, embarked on a chilling campaign of extrajudicial executions and violence resulting in the deaths of at least 150 peaceful pro-Biafra protesters in the southeast of the country. Analysis of 87 videos, 122 photographs and 146 eye witness testimonies relating to demonstrations and other gatherings between August 2015 and August 2016 consistently shows that the military fired live ammunition with little or no warning to disperse crowds, Amnesty says. Its investigation also finds evidence of mass extrajudicial executions by security forces, including at least 60 people shot dead in the space of two days in connection with events to mark Biafra Remembrance Day. http://bit.ly/2giDfEb

Costa Rica and Nicaragua brace for deadly Hurricane Otto

Yahoo News published an article today on Hurricane Otto, upgraded from a tropical storm by the US National Hurricane Center, and heading towards Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The US center warned that Otto would likely cause “life threatening flash floods and mudslides.” Both countries have issued red alerts for the areas expected to be worst-hit, evacuated thousands of people and ordered the closure of schools, some of which were designated shelters. https://yhoo.it/2gjOMqc

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