Daily World News Digest, 24 January 2017

Migrant vessel capsizes off Malaysia

The Hindustan Times reported yesterday that ten people were confirmed dead and about 30 missing after a boat believed to be carrying Indonesian irregular immigrants capsized in rough seas off Malaysia. The bodies of six women and four men were washed ashore at a beach near the east coast town of Mersing earlier on Monday, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency said. A search is underway for the missing.  http://bit.ly/2kmU2Ih

Iraq executes 31 convicted of role in Speicher Camp massacre

Iraqi News reported yesterday that Iraqi judicial authorities on Monday executed 31 convicts linked to a Da’esh massacre that left 1,700 Iraqi air force cadets dead in 2014. The massacre occurred at the Speicher air base in Tikrit, when Islamic State militants executed 1,700 Shia air force cadets. The victims were either shot or beheaded before their corpses were dumped into the Tigris River. http://bit.ly/2iZeIcP

Turkey accused of illegal detention of journalists

Reporters Without Borders publishes an article today on the impact on media freedom of Turkey’s state of emergency. The authorities have jailed around 100 journalists without trial, closed 149 media outlets, rescinded 775 press cards, withdrawn journalists’ passports and seized their assets without justification, it says. Several journalists have appealed to Turkey’s highest court, the Constitutional Court, requesting their release, but it has yet to respond. In reaction to its silence, the lawyers of two of these journalists have filed submissions to the European Court of Human Rights accusing Turkey of illegal detention. http://bit.ly/2jrUx3x

China urged to end forced disappearance of lawyers

The Guardian reported yesterday that from 9 July 2015 to the present, hundreds of human rights lawyers, law firm staff, and family members in China have been subject to intimidation, interrogation, detention as criminal suspects, wrongful criminal convictions and forced disappearance. Detainees are reported to have suffered physical violence at the hands of prison guards: lawyer Xie Yang in January 2017 testified to torture methods including beatings; stress positions; several guards simultaneously blowing cigarette smoke in his face; food, drink and sleep deprivation; denial of medical care; denial of basic personal hygiene; death threats; and excessive questioning at the hands of the authorities. http://bit.ly/2jWZ8OQ

Hunger strike by families of the missing in Sri Lanka

The Tamil Guardian reported yesterday that relatives of missing persons and the forcibly disappeared have begun a hunger strike in the northern town of Vavuniya. In an open letter to Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena, the signatories said they had exhausted all other avenues in the search for information about their missing loved ones, including countless domestic commissions and probes. http://bit.ly/2jMlaB7

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