Daily World News Digest, 24 August 2017

Mass grave found in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Balkan Insight reported on Wednesday that a new mass grave has been discovered in the locality of Koricanske Stijene in central Bosnia, which in 1992 was the site of a mass killing of around 200 Bosniak and Croat civilians. So far, 11 former policemen from the town of Prijedor have been sentenced for the murders at Koricanske Stijene. One of them was sentenced by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, while the others were sentenced by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. http://bit.ly/2wA1av3

Extrajudicial executions in El Salvador

InSight Crime reported on Wednesday that a special forces unit in the El Salvador police committed at least three extrajudicial executions, sexually assaulted two teenagers and extorted money via Facebook, according to an investigation by the Salvadoran online magazine Factum. The article claims that the police are actively pursuing and extrajudicially executing suspected gang members, apparently prompting an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office. http://bit.ly/2xeDt8p

Human rights defenders under attack in Colombia

On Wednesday, the Irish Times carried a commentary on the peace process in Colombia. It said the handover of 7,000 weapons in northern Colombia last week was a cornerstone of the process. However, the author, Andrew Anderson, the Executive Director of the Front Line Defenders organization, noted that “there is a big difference between peace and justice”, adding that “progress on human rights is necessary to make peace sustainable”. He wrote that there has been an upsurge in killings of human rights activists since the peace agreement was ratified at the end of 2016. A report by the Colombian NGO Somos Defensores (We Are Defenders), detailed 51 killings between January and July 2017 – a 30-percent increase over the same period last year. http://bit.ly/2xex4tP

Vatican issues action plan on migrants and refugees

Independent Catholic News on Wednesday reported that the Vatican’s migrants and refugee department has published a 20-point action plan to contribute contribute to the global compacts on refugees and migration that are currently being drafted and expected to be adopted by the UN General Assembly in September 2018. The Catholic Church has repeatedly emphasized the need to promote integral human development for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees alongside local residents, calling for countries to include migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in their plan for national development. http://bit.ly/2v8rLyW

Libya struggling to contain growing numbers of migrants

Newsweek reported on Wednesday that the UN-backed government in Libya has claimed levels of migration are threatening to overwhelm the authorities. Faiez Serraj, Prime Minister in Libya’s unity government in Tripoli, called on Europe to assist in the construction of an electronic fence at Libya’s southern borders. He rejected the idea that refugees should be housed in Libya long-term, asking the EU instead to put pressure on migrants’ original countries to take them back. http://bit.ly/2wAhrjr

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