Daily World News Digest, 23 October 2018

Amnesty: Sri Lanka needs to maintain Office on Missing Persons

Amnesty International has commented on an Interim Report issued by Sri Lanka’s Office on Missing Persons (OMP). The report notes that guaranteeing justice regarding the fate of the disappeared “is merely the start of a longer process of healing and accountability”, and it recommends prosecutions in order to break “an enduring climate of impunity”. http://bit.ly/2OJzvks

Transitional justice in Nepal

The Kathmandu Post reports on efforts in Nepal to draft new legislation on transitional justice. In 2015 the Supreme Court struck down provisions of the law establishing the Enforced Disappearances Enquiry, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CIEDP), but the law has not yet been amended. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the CIEDP were formed in February 2015 with a two-year mandate. The TRC has completed a preliminary investigation into around 2,800 of the 63,000 cases filed, without probing any cases in detail. The CIEDP, which has received around 3,000 cases so far, has completed preliminary probes into 1,210 cases. https://bit.ly/2yyhbAR

Extrajudicial killings in the Philippines

Human Rights Watch has commented on an incident on the Philippines island of Negros on Saturday during which nine sugar workers were shot. It notes that “considerable international attention has rightly focused on the unending extrajudicial killings of drug suspects in President Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘war on drugs’,” but says that the incident on Negros “highlights the fact that serious rights abuses in the Philippines are not limited to the ‘drug war’.” https://bit.ly/2SbuBe7

HRW: Palestinian authorities committed abuses, torture

Aljazeera covers the findings of a report issued by Human Rights Watch (HRW) that cites “systematic arbitrary arrests and torture” by the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank and Hamas in Gaza. Both the PA and Hamas have rejected key elements in the HRW report. https://bit.ly/2q6O3fB

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