Daily World News Digest, 23 April 2015

Mediterranean migrants crisis: EU to hold emergency summit

The BBC reports today that EU leaders are due to hold an emergency summit on ways to stem the number of people risking the perilous journey across the Mediterranean. Draft proposals for the meeting include offering 5,000 places for resettlement for migrants “qualifying for protection” under a pilot project. http://bbc.in/1HXU0yt

People trafficking: More police needed to tackle gangs

The BBC reports today that more border police are needed to tackle “highly sophisticated” trafficking gangs targeting the UK, a think tank has warned. A report from the Centre for Social Justice claims the gangs are several steps ahead of the authorities. BBC News has visited one Slovakian village where homes are alleged to have been built with trafficking profits. The government said recent legal changes would make it harder for people to be exploited in the UK. http://bbc.in/1DRnN8T

Amnesty International to end refugee and migrant deaths in the Med

Amnesty International reports today that on the eve of an emergency summit in Brussels, Amnesty International is publishing a Blueprint for Action calling on European governments to take immediate and effective steps to end an ongoing catastrophe that has left thousands of refugees and migrants dead. The briefing, Europe’s sinking shame: The failure to save refugees and migrants at sea, documents testimonies of shipwreck survivors. It details the challenges and limitations of current search and rescue operations in the central Mediterranean and sets out ways in which this can be remedied.

USA: Crimes and Impunity

The Media with Conscience news portal reports today that more than four months after publication of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s summary report on the secret detention program operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US administration has done nothing to end impunity for the torture and enforced disappearances committed in the program. Indeed, it has failed to meaningfully respond to the report in any way whatsoever. Major US agencies implicated in the Senate summary, including the Departments of Justice and State, have even kept the full report in sealed envelopes, and locked away. http://bit.ly/1JwCDD7

Tibetan Administration Seeks Release of Panchen Lama

he New Delhi Television news portal reported on 21 April that Tibetan authorities in Dharamsala today urged the international community to help them secure the release of the Panchen Lama, one of the most revered religious leaders in Tibet, who mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago. http://bit.ly/1zPb9TX
Missing Persons Act gives police more access to information

The CBC news reports today that Police in Nova Scotia can now apply for access to a missing person’s private information such as text messages, bank records and computer history, with the aim of unearthing crucial information that could help solve the case. The Missing Persons Act was proclaimed Wednesday, creating a judicial authorization process similar to the one used by police to apply for a search warrant in criminal cases. http://bit.ly/1GkQc8l

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