Daily World News Digest, 22 December 2016

Growing number of children missing in India

The Hindu reported today that the Madras High Court has criticized the Tamil Nadu State government’s laxity in tracing missing children. The issue of missing children has become a national problem which needs to be tackled efficiently and at the earliest, the paper says. Statistics show that over 60,000 children go missing every year in the country. In the past year, 2,953 children have gone missing in Uttar Pradesh. There are also concerns about the number of girls who go missing, which, besides being particularly high, is often connected to human trafficking. http://bit.ly/2ie0YdG


Call for probe into enforced disappearances in Southeast Nigeria

The Guardian, a news outlet in Nigeria, released an article today stating that 42 civil society organizations have called on the Federal Government and governors of Abia and Anambra states to initiate an independent investigation into allegations of serious human rights violations by security forces against supporters and activists of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other pro-Biafra organizations. The groups, in a joint statement yesterday said they were deeply concerned by revelations in Amnesty International’s recent report that highlighted a range of human rights violations committed by security forces. On 24 November, Amnesty International Nigeria released a report cataloguing violations including enforced disappearances, torture, unlawful arrest and detention of IPOB members and supporters across the country. http://bit.ly/2hcAAz3


Mexico fireworks blast: Bodies too charred to identify

The BBC reported yesterday that the bodies of some of the 32 people killed in an explosion at a fireworks market outside Mexico City are so badly charred that neither their age nor gender can immediately be determined, according to the the state prosecutor. Alejandro Gomez said forensic experts were carrying out DNA tests to identify the blackened remains of the dead. So far, only 18 bodies have been identified. More than 70 people were also injured when the explosion happened.

The death toll increased from 31 to 32 later on Wednesday when one of the injured died in hospital, said Mexico state Health Secretary Cesar Gomez Monge. Among them were three badly burned children who are being taken to a hospital in the US for treatment. Mexico state Governor Eruviel Avila said other victims would be transferred to a specialised burn centre in Galveston, Texas, if doctors say they are fit to travel. http://bbc.in/2i2BZqq


Ezidi survivors seek help in recovering human remains from mass graves

Scroll.in carried an article today on the Da’esh campaign against Ezidi communities in northern Iraq. It describes the testimony given recently to the United Nations by Ezidi survivors, who pleaded for UN assistance including “help for the recovery of family corpses that still lay in mass graves, unprotected and unexamined”. http://bit.ly/2i4jYbf


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