Daily World News Digest, 21 February 2018

ICMP helps to identify victims of 1970s military regime in Brazil

The Perus Working Group established in 2014 to identify bodies that were interred during the 1970s in a clandestine mass grave in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has announced the first identification of a victim buried at the cemetery: Dimas Antonio Casemiro, who was killed by agents of the military regime in April 1971. The identification of the body of Dimas Antonio Casemiro was confirmed following analysis of biological samples sent from Brazil to ICMP’s laboratory system. (Article in Portuguese) https://glo.bo/2CyyelD

El Salvador: military to investigate enforced disappearances

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has welcomed two decisions by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of El Salvador, handed down in September and December last year, ordering the Ministry of National Defense and the Chief of Staff to carry out an internal investigation and produce information on military operations that involved cases of forced disappearance of children during the Salvadorian armed conflict. “After the historic decision adopted in 2016, which determined that the Amnesty Law was unconstitutional, these decisions by the Supreme Court of El Salvador open the door to continued progress in the fight against impunity for crimes perpetrated during the armed conflict,” said IACHR Commissioner Antonia Urrejola. http://bit.ly/2oeXKI9

Mass grave of Afghans killed by Da’esh found

A mass grave of nine civilians killed by Da’esh has been found in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, according to a spokesperson for the provincial governor. He said the deceased were abducted by militants over a year ago. http://bit.ly/2HwsOeq

Rights groups call for information on two civilians being held by Myanmar army

Rights groups are urging the authorities in Myanmar to investigate and release information about two ethnic Kachin civilians believed to be held by soldiers in the country’s north, where fighting has raged between government forces and armed Kachin rebels. The seizure of civilians in ethnic minority regions by Myanmar’s army is not rare. Rights groups say they are usually taken by troops who accuse them of having a connection to armed rebel groups. https://yhoo.it/2FkRpC8

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