Daily World News Digest, 20 July 2017

ICMP works to identify victims worldwide

Swiss Radio Television published an article (in Italian) on Thursday on the efforts of ICMP to identify missing persons and victims of human rights violations. The article reports that ICMP has led an effort that has made it possible to account for more than 70 percent of those who were missing at the end of the conflict in former Yugoslavia and today ICMP works to identify missing persons from global conflicts, such as Iraq, Chile and most recently Syria. http://bit.ly/2uELYuC

USA opposes seat for DRC at UN Human Rights Council

The Daily Mail reported on Wednesday that US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has criticized the decision to put forward the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as a candidate for the Geneva-based human rights body. The US opposition comes after the uncovering of 80 mass graves in the Kasai region of the DRC. http://dailym.ai/2vlJPBU

“Great Green Wall” to discourage climate change migration to Europe

The Guardian reported on Wednesday that a project named “The Great Green Wall” is attempting to curb climate change migration of sub-Saharan inhabitants to Europe. It is expected that by 2020, 50 million people are likely to migrate due to desertification. This is expected to increase by 250 percent by 2050 as the number rises from 135 million to 340 million. The “Great Green Wall” aims to restore degraded land and combat desertification in projects across sub-Saharan Africa, spanning from Senegal to Djibouti. http://bit.ly/2uLyX3u

EU accused of down-playing human rights violations in relation relationship with Egypt

Amnesty International suggested on Wednesday that as the EU prepares to resume high-level meetings with Egyptian officials in Brussels next week, it is likely to soften its stance on human rights violations. There have been numerous accusations of violations such as enforced disappearances, torture, death in custody and extrajudicial killings since the military took power in July 2013. http://bit.ly/2vF8hOb

Lebanese army accused of torturing Syrian refugees

Middle East Eye reported on Monday that the Lebanese army has been accused of widespread torture of Syrian refugees. It says refugees are reported to have been picked up from camps near Arsal, close to the Syria-Lebanon border. http://bit.ly/2uDDwfZ

Digital map of crimes against humanity developed for North Korea

The New Zealand Herald carried a story on Thursday about the recent report that has pinpointed the approximate locations of public killings and mass burials in North Korea. The report revealed over 47 “body sites” including mass graves and cremation sites. http://bit.ly/2vEJPwi

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