Daily World News Digest, 20 April 2018

Spanish family win six-year battle to exhume Civil War victims

After a six-year battle, the family of two brothers executed by General Francisco Franco’s troops in 1936 will on Monday see work begin on exhuming their remains from the Valley of the Fallen, the controversial monument containing Franco’s tomb where at least 33,000 Civil War victims are also interred. Eduardo Ranz, lawyer for the Lapeñas and several other families, said the exhumation was a “historic precedent”. https://bit.ly/2qN09ue

EU urges Philippine government to end killings

The European Parliament on Thursday called on the Philippine government to stop extrajudicial killings carried out on the pretext of a “war on drugs” and expressed concern that police authorities are “falsifying evidence to justify extrajudicial killings”. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) also asked the Philippine government to stop attacks against those who expose allegations of extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations. https://bit.ly/2K2Xlll

Missing persons from the war in Kosovo

Balkan Transitional Justice has published an analysis of the missing persons issue in Kosovo, where more than 1,600 people are listed as missing. It profiles Nesrete Kumnova who has been looking after an empty grave since 1999 destined for her missing son Albion, who disappeared during the Kosovo war. https://bit.ly/2qJ0X38

Cambodia: possible mass grave found

Villagers in northwestern Cambodia have unearthed what authorities say could be a mass grave from the Khmer Rouge era that contains skulls and the bones of corpses. A local military official, said the bones were found at the site of a former Khmer Rouge prison where hundreds were believed killed. https://bit.ly/2qK1Uc6

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