Daily World News Digest, 2 February 2017

Amnesty statement on human rights in Colombia

Amnesty International yesterday reiterated its support for the work of the Office in Colombia of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to improve respect for human rights, and welcomed the Colombian government’s decision to renew the Office’s mandate for a further three years. In light of the peace agreement signed between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on 24 November, Amnesty said the Office’s role in human rights monitoring is now even more critical. All the parties to the conflict have been responsible for crimes including forced displacement, enforced disappearances, unlawful killings, torture, and crimes of sexual violence, it said, adding that very few of those suspected of having criminal responsibility for such crimes have been brought to justice. http://bit.ly/2kk6eud

Iraq: men fleeing Mosul held in secret

Human Rights Watch published an article today on the groups within the Iraqi military that are screening and detaining men fleeing Mosul. HRW says the men are kept in unidentified detention centers where they are cut off from contact with the outside world, and screened for suspected involvement with Da’esh. “Given these groups’ lack of training in screening, the irregular nature of these screenings and detentions, and the detainees’ lack of contact with the outside world, the detained men are at heightened risk of abuse, including arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance,” HRW says. http://bit.ly/2kv168J

Mass grave reported in Benghazi

The Libya Herald reported yesterday on a siege in Benghazi’s Ganfouda where the Libyan national Army has encircled a group of apartment blocks. It said soldiers have uncovered a mass grave in Ganfouda which contains an unknown number of bodies. Forensic experts are now examining the corpses, some of which appear to be quite recent.  “It is unclear if the dead are terrorists, civilians or captured members of the Libyan National Army,” the report said. http://bit.ly/2jFWWXS

Court summons officials in Pakistan missing persons cases

The News International from Pakistan reported today that the Sindh High Court has issued notices to federal and provincial law officers and other respondents, seeking their comments at the next hearing of petitions challenging the alleged illegal detention of citizens by law enforcement agencies. http://bit.ly/2ktfiQ1

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