Daily World News Digest, 1 December 2017

Resolution of more missing persons cases in Bosnia

The Head of the International Commission on Missing Persons’ (ICMP) Western Balkans Program, Matthew Holliday, has announced that a review of human remains in 12 mortuaries in Bosnia and Herzegovina has led to 115 new identifications. http://bit.ly/2AnzwQG

Colombia: Senate approves Special Jurisdiction for Peace

Colombia’s Senate has approved the bill regulating the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, or JEP, a post-conflict transitional justice system that is considered the backbone of the peace agreement. The bill presents an alternative judicial process for former guerrilla militants. http://bit.ly/2i6K0vN

Renewed interest in Zimbabwe disappearances from the 1980s

Following his swearing-in as President of Zimbabwe, considerable interest has focused on Emmerson Mnangagwa’s role in the “Gukurahundi” campaign against dissidents in 1983, when Mnangagwa was the head of State Security. In early 1983 in Matabeleland, in western Zimbabwe, the campaign left tens of thousands dead. Extensive research published by the Catholic Commission for Justice in Zimbabwe in the 1990s details the extent and brutality of the campaign. The report documents how people were gathered together and executed, pregnant women bayonetted, and civilians thrown into mine-shafts. http://cnn.it/2i8sKGs

Mass grave with 90 human remains discovered in central Madrid

A mass grave containing the bodies of at least 90 people has been uncovered at a site in central Madrid during the construction of a new theatre. It is believed the bodies are from the 17th century and belong to the Church of Desamparados, which formally occupied the site. The remains have been passed on to an anthropologist to determine the possible causes of death. http://bit.ly/2Bqs8nb

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