Daily World News Digest, 19 April 2018

Mediterranean countries to launch initiative to identify missing migrants

Four European Mediterranean countries are launching an initiative in June to identify thousands of migrants who died or went missing during the perilous sea crossing to the continent. Italy, Greece, Malta and Cyprus will gather on 11 June in Rome to discuss the plan, the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) said on Wednesday. https://yhoo.it/2qKnSfh

Pakistan’s disappeared: the cost of the war against the Taliban

Thousands of demonstrators have gathered in Peshawar to raise awareness about the issued of enforced disappearance in Pakistan, is viewed by many as a legacy of the war against the Taliban. Since 2011, a government commission investigating enforced disappearances has dealt with more than 4,929 cases missing people. Rights groups say the figure is vastly under-reported.  https://bit.ly/2HyfAAN

Myanmar: soldiers jailed for massacre of Rohingya Muslims amnestied?

For about an hour on Wednesday, the website of Myanmar National Television carried a surprising report: a mass prisoner amnesty the previous day, it said, had included seven members of the country’s military who were briefly jailed for a massacre of Rohingya Muslims. The report was quickly taken down and was strongly denied by a government spokesman. https://nyti.ms/2HJ1NVC

Philippine drug war captured in art

Photographer James Whitlow Delano, who has been documenting the Philippines for 30 years, has mounted an exhibition exploring President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war and capturing the human face of extrajudicial murder. The exhibition is titled “Normalizing extrajudicial murder in the Philippines”. https://bit.ly/2HCuZjL

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