Daily World News Digest 18 November 2019

Sri Lanka: election results and missing persons

Following the election Gotabaya Rajapaksa as President of Sri Lanka, families of missing persons from the country’s Tamil community have expressed concern, SBS News from Australia reports, amid allegations that Rajapaksa “orchestrated the disappearances of political opponents, journalists and civilians” during the country’s civil war. Gotabaya has consistently denied any knowledge or involvement in the disappearances and war crimes. https://bit.ly/2r14wFO

El Salvador: President urged to open records of missing persons

Relatives of people reported to have gone missing at the hands of security agencies during El Salvador’s Civil War have urged President Nayib Bukele to open the military archives, el Diario reports. Between 8,000 and 10,000 went missing during the conflict, which ended with a peace agreement in 1992 (original in Spanish). https://bit.ly/2Kwp8fU

Colombia: highest number of disappearances

A report by the NGO Human Rights Everywhere mapping enforced disappearances in 19 countries in the Americas has ranked Colombia as the state with the highest number of disappearances, Blu Radio reports. From 1960 until August 2018 the Latin-American Federation of Associations of Relatives of Detained has registered 80,472 missing persons in Colombia. Following with the highest numbers are Guatemala, Mexico and Argentina (original in Spanish). https://bit.ly/2QAeHeW

Sudan: Justice Needed for Protester Killings

Fatal attacks on protesters in Sudan in June could amount to crimes against humanity, according to Human Rights Watch, which has issued a report on the events in Khartoum. “Credible sources estimate that at least 120 people were killed on June 3 and in following days,” the report says. “Hundreds were injured and dozens more are missing. http://bit.ly/2Kydlh0

Poland: Mass grave found at Nazi forced-labor camp Treblinka

Investigators of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance have discovered a mass grave at the Treblinka I labor camp in central Poland, the Jerusalem Post reports. Forensic experts from the UK, Norway and Austria assisted in the first thorough investigation of the Treblinka grounds. The experts are determining the number and size of the burial pits before exhuming and attempting to identify the human remains. http://bit.ly/2r0qBnO

Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.