Daily World News Digest, 18 July 2017

Sri Lanka’s Enforced Disappearances bill

The GroundViews, citizens journalism site today published a note from the Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs Ministry explaining the Enforced Disappearance bill, which is now before parliament, and responding to criticism of the bill.  The objective of the Bill, the Foreign Ministry says, “is to ensure that Enforced Disappearances do not occur. While there can be lawful arrests, persons must be held in lawful detention centers, and their arrest documented. This will prevent torture, abuse and extra judicial killings. Unless one intends to propagate a white van culture, or a culture of illegal abductions and / or killings, there would be no basis to object to the enactment of the Bill.” http://bit.ly/2vx99o4

UN urges rule of law following liberation of Mosul

The UN News Center on 17 July reported on the Security Council briefing given by the UN Special Representative and Head of Mission in Iraq. Ján Kubiš emphasized the need for demining, stabilization and reconstruction to enable the return of internally displaced persons.  The enforcement of law and order, rule of law, justice and accountability, as well as reforms, good governance and development were also critical. He expressed concern over rising sentiment in favor of collective punishment of families perceived to be associated with Da’esh.  He said the UN Assistance Mission to Iraq has “prioritized justice for those affected by human rights violations committed in the ongoing armed conflict,” and is pursuing a national strategy that aims to allow domestic courts jurisdiction over international crimes, “which would complement international efforts to gather evidence on crimes committed by ISIL.” http://bit.ly/2uC0qo5

Italy delays vote for citizenship for immigrant children

The Financial Times reported on Monday that Italy’s government has been forced to delay a vote that could grant citizenship to immigrant children born in Italy. The delay is being seen as a reflection of growing political resentment against migration across the central Mediterranean. More than 86,000 migrants have arrived in Italy this year, which marks a 10-percent increase over the previous year. http://on.ft.com/2t7uT8Z

Pakistan: march against enforced disappearances

Business Standard, from Pakistan, reported on Tuesday that hundreds of activists of the Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM) Sindhi organization have marched in Hyderabad demanding independence for the Sindh province and the release of members of the organization whom, they say, have been forcibly disappeared by the Pakistani Army and its Inter-Services Intelligence wing. There have also been reports of force and torture being used against the activists, the paper says. More than 100 were arrested during the march. http://bit.ly/2uDxMTD

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