Daily World News Digest, 18 January 2017

Ukraine sues Russia for “acts of terrorism and unlawful aggression”

The Independent reports today that Ukraine has filed a case against Russia for “acts of terrorism and unlawful aggression” at the United Nations’ highest court. The lawsuit alleges that Russia is violating international conventions on financing terrorism and racial discrimination with a campaign against non-Russian communities living in the annexed Crimean Peninsula including enforced disappearances, murders and restrictions on languages and the media. http://ind.pn/2jvsZgy

Burundi lacks expertise to identify massacre victims

News Ghana reported yesterday that Burundi’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has said it lacks expertise to identify victims following the discovery on Tuesday of a mass grave dating from 1972. “We are doing our best to accomplish the mission, but we do not have the required expertise to identify victims of massacres,” TRC Secretary General Clotilde Niragira said Wednesday after visiting the mass grave containing human skulls and bones at Rusaka in Mwaro province, 50 km southeast of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. http://bit.ly/2j8s7LL

North Korea denies reports of human rights violations

The Daily Caller reported yesterday in North Korea’s rejection of US criticism over its human rights record. The State Department released a report on human rights violations in North Korea last Wednesday, accusing the North Korean government of engaging in “extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and detention, forced labor, and torture”. http://bit.ly/2iHxZe0

UK: Highest court dismisses Government attempt to block torture and kidnapping cases

Amnesty International reported yesterday that leading human rights organizations have hailed a landmark decision of the UK Supreme Court to hold the UK Government accountable for its role in human rights abuses overseas. The country’s highest court issued a long-awaited judgment in the two joined appeals in Belhaj and Others v. Jack Straw & Others and Rahmatullah v. Ministry of Defence and Another. The Court ruled that the UK Government could not rely on the legal doctrines of sovereign immunity and foreign act of state to escape claims in the two cases alleging UK involvement in breaches of human rights by foreign governments. http://bit.ly/2jZ015z

Lawyers demand release of UN judge imprisoned in Turkey

Reuters reported yesterday that lawyers at a UN court urged Turkey on Monday to release a judge who is being held in connection with July’s coup attempt, saying his detention was delaying a genocide case. Judge Aydin Sedaf Akay has been held since September, one of tens of thousands of Turkish officials arrested in a crackdown on people and organizations after the foiled coup in which hundreds died. Turkey did not attend a hearing in The Hague on Monday about Akay’s situation and declined to make submissions on his detention, which the court views as illegal because of the diplomatic immunity he enjoys as a UN judge. http://reut.rs/2iAefxK

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