Daily World News Digest, 18 December 2018

Mexico: Mothers searching for their loved ones

In the Mexican state of Sinaloa the BBC reports on a group of 30 mothers who are digging for remains of their loved ones, having been tipped off about clandestine graves. Since 2014, the group has found more than 200 bodies, with half of them successfully identified using DNA. More than 37,000 people have been reported missing in Mexico since 2006, according to official government figures. https://bbc.in/2QBnj6D

2018 worst year for violence and abuse against journalists

The Telegraph, citing Reporters Without Borders (RSF), reports that 2018 has been the worst year on record for violence and abuse against journalists, with at least 80 killed in connection with their work, a further 348 imprisoned and 60 held hostage. RSF indicates that more than half of the journalists killed in 2018 were deliberately targeted due to their work. There has been an increase in incidents across all categories – including murders, imprisonment, hostage-taking and enforced disappearances. http://bit.ly/2rJqslQ

United Nations condemns enforced disappearances in North Korea

A UN General Assembly resolution condemning human rights violations in North Korea specifies “the systematic abduction, denial of repatriation and subsequence enforced disappearance of persons, including those from other countries, on a large scale,” Voice of America reports. http://bit.ly/2LmgeAN

Crackdown on opposition in DR Congo

Government security forces across the Democratic Republic of Congo have forcibly dispersed opposition campaign rallies ahead of 23 December national elections, Human Rights Watch (HRW) reports. Security forces killed at least 7 opposition supporters, wounded more than 50 people, and arbitrarily detained scores of others from 9 to 13 December, HRW says. http://bit.ly/2ECK7fM

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