Daily World News Digest, 17 October 2018

Pakistan: 36 missing persons had been traced in Sept 2018

Dawn newspaper in Pakistan reports that the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances (CIED) accounted for 36 missing persons in September, of whom 13 are currently detained in internment centers. The CIED has frequently uncovered cases where individuals have been held incommunicado in government detention facilities. https://bit.ly/2pWFHXC

Gambia Launches Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Gambia has launched a truth and reconciliation commission to look into crimes committed under former President Yahya Jammeh’s government, which is accused of torturing and killing perceived opponents, Voice of America reports. Victims, witnesses and alleged perpetrators of crimes are to begin testifying to the commission later this month. The process is expected to take around two years. http://bit.ly/2J213vE

Mexico: 16 bodies found in mass grave

Police have found 16 bodies in a clandestine burial pit on the outskirts of Guadalajara in Mexico, including the bodies of two women, AFP reports. Drug cartels in Mexico frequently use such clandestine pits to dispose of the bodies of their victims. https://bit.ly/2pWSB8d

United States: genealogy website helps solve crime cases

As a result of one genealogy website, 15 murder and sexual assault cases have been solved in the US since April, the New York Times reports. GEDmatch.com, a free site open to all seeking to find biological relatives or to construct elaborate family trees has gone from a casual side project to a revolutionary tool and used by police investigators, the newspaper says. GEDmatch itself has no lab but allows people who have had their DNA analyzed elsewhere to locate more relatives and dive deeper into their ancestry. https://nyti.ms/2P1YNd1

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