Daily World News Digest, 17 April 2019

Mexico: a new approach to accounting for the missing

The Spanish news agency, EFE, carries a report on efforts to account for thousands of missing persons in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. The state’s attorney general, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero Gutierrez, says a new initiative will fight “crime with intelligence, not bullets,” thanks to the assistance of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP). Under a project launched in December last year and supported by USAID, ICMP is working with Citizens in Support of Human Rights (CADHAC), an NGO in Nuevo Leon, to support a process that brings domestic authorities together with families of the missing to build trust, facilitate information sharing, and sustain an effective effort to account for the missing. https://bit.ly/2UnxV5N

Additional Coverage in Spanish:

Rwanda: Genocide victims exhumed from clandestine mass graves

The New Times from Rwanda reports that victims of the 1994 Genocide are being exhumed from mass graves in the town of Kabuga in the Eastern Province of the country. The graves had been covered up by buildings; their location was revealed as a result of witness testimony, the paper says. The bodies will be buried on 4 May at the Nyanza Genocide Memorial in Kigali. https://bit.ly/2VQAKhw

Anniversary of disappearance of activist in Thailand

The Bangkok Post has published an opinion piece arguing that “as long as Thailand does not criminalize enforced disappearances and torture committed by state officials, anyone could become a victim of state actors’ extrajudicial acts without getting justice.” It cites the case of Karen human rights activist Porlajee “Billy” Rakchongcharoen, who disappeared after his arrest five years ago. At the time of his arrest, the paper says, he was helping members of the Karen ethnic group sue a government official for setting fire to their homes and rice barns. https://bit.ly/2UmPgMj

Mexico: three units to help identify the missing created in Toluca

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico has created three new units to address the issue of unidentified human remains, El Sol de Toluca reports. The three units were introduced to improve the quality of missing persons investigations and provide specialized care to families of the missing (Original article in Spanish). https://bit.ly/2GqfaLg

40 Yezidis rescued

A delegation sent by the Yezidi Spiritual Council to search for Yezidis enslaved by Da’esh and later moved to Syria, has discovered 40 Yezidi women and children, Rudaw Media Network reports. Many Yezidi abductees now in camps for internally displaced people, who have been associated with Da’esh families may feel they can identify themselves since the group is no longer a force, the report says. https://bit.ly/2UnqKKY


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