Daily World News Digest, 16 November 2016

100 feared dead in Mediterranean after migrant boat capsize

Yahoo7News reports today that around 100 people were missing, feared drowned, in the Mediterranean on Tuesday after a migrant dinghy capsized off Libya, according to rescue teams frantically searching for survivors in darkness and rough seas. German NGO Jugend Rettet, whose boat was at the scene, said 23 survivors had been rescued by an oil tanker which was first to reach the stricken boat. “The crews are searching for survivors in the water and recovering dead bodies,” it added in a tweet. The survivors and four recovered corpses were transferred from the tanker to the Acquarius, a boat operated by another charity group, SOS Mediterranee. A survivor told one of that organization’s staff that the dinghy had begun to sink at 6:00 am, four hours before the tanker arrived. https://yhoo.it/2gfVZsP

Philippines: footage shows police abducting man  

Interaktyon, a news portal from the Philippines, published an article yesterday about five policemen who have been confined to camp after closed circuit television footage taken late last month apparently showed them abducting a man who is still missing. Superintendent Surki Sereñas, Northern Mindanao police spokesman, said the five officers were identified from the footage that allegedly shows them snatching Enrique Fernandez III as he was about to board his motorcycle on 23 October. The CCTV camera, belonging to the establishment outside of which Enriquez was seized, was secured by the National Bureau of Investigation after the victim’s parents filed a complaint against the five policemen Monday. http://bit.ly/2fXSmEo

Schwendiman: New Kosovo War Court “Not Anti-Albanian”

Balkan Insight reported yesterday that in his first interview since being appointed Chief Prosecutor of the new Kosovo Special Court, David Schwendiman told BIRN that suspected criminals are his target, not the Kosovo Liberation Army itself. “I am not after organizations, I am not after ethnicities, I am looking at individual responsibility for what was done,” David Schwendiman told BIRN in an interview. “If that message gets out clearly to the people that are affected by this, then maybe they will understand that the court is not pro-Albanian or anti-Albanian, pro-Serb or anti-Serb, but that we are just doing our job.” http://bit.ly/2eVyuPM

Iraq: death in Mosul

The International Business Times carried an article yesterday on the Mosul frontline, “where Islamic State open fire on residents as they flee but Iraqi artillery and air strikes ‘have killed dozens’.” The operation to drive the so-called Islamic State from Mosul is in its fourth week and fighting is now inside the city. With two-and-a-half years for IS to prepare defences, the city is rapidly becoming a meat-grinder as Iraqi Security Forces advance street by street. Desperate civilians caught in the middle face death at every turn and often have no place to flee. http://bit.ly/2eEKhGT

UN considers human rights situation in North Korea, Syria, Iran, Crimea

Reliefweb published a report yesterday about the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural)  approving five draft resolutions, four of which pertain to the human rights situation in, respectively, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Syria, Iran and Crimea. At the meeting’s outset, Belarus’ delegate, objecting to the practice of country-specific human rights resolutions, called for a vote on a motion to adjourn debate on the entire agenda item. His position was reiterated by Venezuela’s representative on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement, who decried the arbitrary and politicized nature of country-specific mandates. The unprecedented motion was defeated. http://bit.ly/2fED724

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