Daily World News Digest 16 December 2019

Iraq: mass grave containing remains of 643 civilians discovered

A mass grave containing the remains of 643 civilians been discovered near a former Da’esh battleground in Iraq, the Independent newspaper from the UK reports. Official sources have reportedly confirmed that the bodies, found along the side of a road 5km north of Fallujah, belonged to the al-Muhamdah tribe – a group that disappeared in 2016. http://bit.ly/36Bsx5N

Mexico: 50 bodies exhumed from mass grave

The bodies of at least 50 people have been exhumed from a mass grave at a farm outside Guadalajara in wester Mexico, France 24 reports. According to the local prosecutor’s office, 13 bodies have been identified and the remains have been returned to their families. http://bit.ly/2LYySAk

Laos, Thailand urged to investigate enforced disappearances

On the seventh anniversary of the enforced disappearance of Lao civil society leader Sombath Somphone, dozens of civil society groups have urged the Lao and Thai governments to investigate enforced disappearances, demanding that Sombath’s whereabouts are revealed and justice for him and his family ensured, Human Rights Watch reports. Sombath was stopped at a police checkpoint in Vientiane on 15 December 2012, forced into another vehicle and driven away in the presence of police officers. http://bit.ly/2RYMu2i

US sailor identified after almost 80 years

American Military News reports on the burial of a US sailor from New Jersey, whose body was identified using DNA, 80 years after his ship was bombed during World War Two. His remains were among the hundreds of unknown sailors buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Hawaii, also known as “the Punchbowl.” http://bit.ly/2srryGt

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