Daily World News Digest, 15 October 2018

“Thousands of bodies” not yet recovered in Raqqa

The Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reports on the situation in Raqqa, Syria, a year after it was retaken from Da’esh. Amnesty’s research director Anya Neistat notes that following the battle for the city, the dead were buried quickly in mass graves or left under the rubble. “We are still talking about thousands of bodies that have not been recovered,” Neistat told AFP. https://bit.ly/2Emky3i

Extrajudicial killings in Central African Republic

Human Rights Watch has highlighted a situation in which, it says, fighters in the Central African Republic “feel free to kill at will, despite the presence of United Nations peacekeepers”. HRW says Seleka rebels captured and executed at least nine civilians, including seven women, on 6 September 2018. http://bit.ly/2NIiJwK

Libya: 35 bodies found at mass grave near Tripoli

AFP reports that 35 bodies have been found in a mass grave in an agricultural area some 15 kilometers west of Tripoli. Local authorities say that 110 bodies have been uncovered by the Libyan Red Crescent. https://bit.ly/2QP6uRi

Iraq: new mass grave found near Mosul

Iraqi News reports that a new mass grave has been found near the al-Rashidiyah district in Mosul. The portal says that the grave contains the remains of 78 civilians killed by Da’esh. https://bit.ly/2yEpvOF

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