Daily World News Digest, 15 May 2019

Mexico: new database on clandestine graves

Mexico has announced the creation of a new database on missing clandestine graves, Agence France Presse reports. Under-Secretary for Human Rights Alejandro Encinas said the database covers graves found over the past 20 years. One study has identified 1,978 clandestine graves containing 2,884 bodies. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says his government wants “to come clean” on the graves that are regularly discovered across the country and the thousands of bodies found in them. https://bit.ly/2Hqndan

Mexico: 337 bodies found in clandestine graves since December 2018

Mexico News Daily reports that at his press conference on Tuesday, Under-Secretary for Human Rights Alejandro Encinas announced that 222 hidden graves, with 337 bodies have been found at 81 locations since 1 December, when the new government took office. Seventy-six clandestine graves were found in the stage of Veracruz, followed by 35 in Sonora and 23 in Sinaloa. https://bit.ly/2W2Ha05

Mexico: huge increase in annual missing persons figures

Speaking on Tuesday at a meeting with families of the missing, the president of the Political Coordination Board of Mexico’s Congress, Maurilio Hernández, highlighted the sharp increase in the numbers of missing persons cases recorded annually since 2012, El Universal reports. Representatives of families of the missing called on the authorities to do more to implement legislation designed to tackle enforced disappearances, (Original article in Spanish). https://bit.ly/2HsH7Br

Syrian families search for more than 140,000 detained or missing

Syrians whose relatives have been kidnapped or detained are hoping to get more information about the fate of their family members as more than 140,000 are considered detained or missing, Euronews reports. Human Rights Watch is also calling for the creation of a database to collate information on the missing. http://bit.ly/2WM11Of

Venezuela: Amnesty calls for response to humanitarian crisis

Amnesty International has accused the Venezuelan government of involvement in arbitrary detentions, extrajudicial killings and deaths. Noting that more than 3.7 million people have fled Venezuela, Amnesty has called on the UN Human Rights Council to create a commission of inquiry to respond to the humanitarian crisis. https://bit.ly/2E8DLCS

EU to strengthen border and migration security controls

The EU Council has adopted the Commission’s proposal to close information security gaps that exist within border and migration security controls. Computer Business Review says the proposal will allow the creation of a common identity repository that will store biographical data of non-EU citizens. http://bit.ly/2HkBDd6

UN Myanmar fact-finding mission calls for sanctions

The UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar (FFM) has urged the international community to cut off all financial and other support for Myanmar’s military, calling for commanders to be brought before a credible court to answer charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. http://bit.ly/2EaGpIm

Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.