Daily World News Digest, 15 March 2019

Families of the missing call for accountability at the EU Brussels III Conference

Representatives of organisations working in Syria and in the region gathered in Brussels for the Days of Dialogue sessions to discuss issues affecting the Syrian people. According to a report commissioned by the EU, the priority for 52 per cent of Syrians is finding the more 80,000 people who have gone missing. ICMP Director-General, Kathryne Bomberger, told The National this was “a very real issue” for many Syrian families. “The number is huge,” she said. “The majority of the missing are men, meaning the majority of those left behind are women.” https://bit.ly/2W39SdB

China cited for arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance

Radio Free Asia reports that “2018 was another year of harsh reprisals against human rights defenders by Chinese authorities” according to the Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) network. In its annual report, the CHRD says “types of retaliation included the use of torture, enforced disappearance, and arbitrary detention,” the report said, adding that the government had also threatened activists who tried to cooperate with United Nations human rights experts. https://bit.ly/2UCYbdx

Mexico: authorities search for abducted migrants

The Los Angeles Times reports on efforts to find 19 asylum seekers who are thought to have been abducted from a bus in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. At least 19 men believed to be from Central America were traveling on the bus last week when masked gunmen stormed aboard, forced the migrants onto pickup trucks, and sped away, Mexican officials said. The violent incident Thursday, which took place just miles from the U.S. border, was not unique. A group of 25 migrants was pulled off another bus under similar circumstances in February, a top Mexican human rights officials said this week. The migrants’ whereabouts are unknown. https://lat.ms/2Fek1i0

Disappearances in Bangladesh

The Dhaka Tribune carries a story on a US Government report released this week that cites human rights violations in Bangladesh including says unlawful or arbitrary killings, forced disappearance, torture, arbitrary or unlawful detentions by the government or on its behalf, harsh and life-threatening prison conditions, political prisoners, arbitrary or unlawful interference with privacy, censorship, site blocking, and criminal libel. https://bit.ly/2ua3PIA


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