Daily World News Digest 15 January 2020

Burundi: More than 4,000 mass graves uncovered

More than 4,000 mass graves have been found in Burundi following an investigation by the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission into conflicts since independence in 1962, the BBC reports. The commission, set up in 2018 to shed light on ethnic tensions, says it has identified 142,505 victims. According to Commission Chairperson many more mass graves are yet to be found because people who know about them are afraid to talk or are traumatized.

Nearly 1,000 migrants “returned to Libya” this year

Aljazeera reports that almost 1,000 refugees and migrants have been intercepted at sea and returned to war-ravaged Libya already this year, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). IOM said most of the refugees and migrants were “disembarked in Tripoli and all were taken to detention centers”. About 4,500 people are currently held in “official” detention centers across Libya. Thousands more are held in “prisons” run by armed groups.

Mali: mass grave trial postponed

A Malian court’s last-minute postponement of a former junta leader’s trial is a blow to the families of 21 soldiers whose bodies were discovered in a mass grave in 2012 after they were forcibly disappeared, Amnesty International says. The trial of General Amadou Haya Sanogo and several military officials, who are accused of kidnapping, murder, and complicity in the murder of the 21 Malian paratroopers, has been adjourned since December 2016 and has been postponed again.

Nepal: justice for victims denied

The government of Nepal is denying justice for conflict-era abuses and is working to undermine the rights to freedom of expression and association, according to Human Rights Watch. The transitional justice process to address grave abuses committed during the 1996-2006 conflict between government forces and former rebels, who are now part of the government, is stalled, despite commitments in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and Nepal’s obligations under international law.

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