Daily World News Digest 14 November 2019

Spain: exhumations at Civil War mausoleum

Spanish authorities will endeavor to exhume some of the thousands of Civil War victims in the Valley of the Fallen, weeks after the remains of dictator Francisco Franco were transferred, Reuters reports. A source at National Heritage, the state organization that manages the Valley of the Fallen, said they had received 31 requests for exhumations. Forensic examiners will be brought in to offer technical and legal assessments on whether the exhumations can be carried out. http://bit.ly/2qV84cl

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 223 new identifications this year

BHRT reports that 91 exhumations and 314 re-exhumations have been carried out this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina, resulting in the identification of 223 victims of the 1992-95 conflict. Representatives of the International Commission on Missing Persons took part in the roundtable at which the BIH Missing persons Institute announced these figures. (Original article in B/C/S). http://bit.ly/3732TYD

Syria: international investigation

Syrian refugees in Norway have asked Norwegian police to investigate war crimes carried out by the Syrian regime, The Guardian reports. This action is part of a “pan-European drive for justice over torture, extra-judicial killings and other abuse” during the civil war in Syria. The request in Norway follows a historic decision earlier this month by German prosecutors to charge two alleged former Syrian secret service officers for crimes against humanity. https://bit.ly/2q348qe

Nigeria: army accused of enforced disappearances

The Nigerian army says members of the armed forces have been the subject of 350 complaints since an Army Human Rights Desk was established in February 2016. About 10 percent of complaints have involved enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings or unlawful arrest, Pulse Nigeria reports. The figures were disclosed by an army officer during an accountability forum in the capital, Abuja. https://bit.ly/34WjPhq

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