Daily World News Digest, 14 March 2019

Syrian women, agents for change

The European Union External Action Service has published a series of interviews with Syrian women who have been thrust into the role of activists as a result of the conflict, including women who are working with the International Commission on Missing Persons to secure truth, justice and reparations following the disappearance of a loved one. http://bit.ly/2u8XVqW

Guatemala urged not to grant amnesty for genocide

Human Rights Watch has urged the Guatemalan Congress to comply with a 12 March 2019 Inter-American Court order to suspend consideration of legislation that would provide amnesty for genocide and other past atrocities. HRW says the proposed legislation would free dozens of military officials convicted of grave abuses and prohibit all future prosecutions of human rights crimes committed during the country’s 36-year internal armed conflict, which ended in 1996. http://bit.ly/2u8YWzg

Iraq: courts improve Da’esh trial procedures

Prosecutions of Da’esh suspects in Iraq are proceeding based on a deeply flawed and vague counterterrorism law, but the Nineveh governorate’s counterterrorism court has made improvements in recent months, according to Human Rights Watch. Judges in the Nineveh governorate are requiring a higher evidentiary standard to detain and prosecute suspects, minimizing the court’s reliance on confessions alone, erroneous wanted lists, and unsubstantiated allegations. The court in Tal Kayfisis is processing the highest number of Da’esh suspects in the country, with 9,000 cases in 2018. http://bit.ly/2XVC5VD

Trafficking and death in the western Mediterranean

Nearly half of the irregular migrants arriving in Spain through the western Mediterranean route had at least one experience related to human trafficking, exploitation or abuse, Anadolu Agency reports, citing the International Organization for Migration. With 63,325 arrivals in 2018, Spain accounts for 60 percent of all Mediterranean arrivals of migrants. From the beginning of 2019, 5,203 migrants and refugees have arrived in Spain through the same route; 73 people lost their lives during the journey. http://bit.ly/2EZhVBB

Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.