Daily World News Digest, 14 June 2017

Searching for the missing in Argentina

The BBC publishes an interview today, as part of its “Witness” series, with Mirta Baravalle, one of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in Argentina. Mirta’s daughter, Ana Maria Baravalle, was 28 years old and five months pregnant when she was abducted by the Argentine military in 1976. Ana Maria’s husband, Julio, was also abducted. Mirta Baravalle has been searching for Ana Maria, Julio and their daughter, who was born behind bars, ever since. In the “Witness” feature, the 92-year-old grandmother explains how the mothers of the disappeared were able to account for many of the missing when they banded together to confront the authorities. http://bbc.in/2s92XSE

UN reports enforced disappearances in Ukraine

On Tuesday, the UN issued the report of a human rights monitoring mission in Ukraine covering three months till 15 May 2017. The mission recorded 36 conflict-related civilian deaths and 157 injuries, a 48 percent increase from the previous three-month period. The report contains new cases of individuals unlawfully or arbitrarily deprived of their liberty or subjected to enforced disappearances and abductions, particularly in territory controlled by armed groups. In a number of cases, the victims’ families did not have access to those detained and had no information on their whereabouts. http://bit.ly/2s9sLOu

Child refugees held in “harrowing” conditions in southeast Asia

On Monday the Guardian carried a story on the “harrowing” conditions of child refugees across southeast Asia. A joint report by Save the Children and the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network reveals that thousands of children are languishing in “dangerous and harrowing” conditions in detention centers in the region. In addition to those living at detention facilities, tens of thousands of children are being held in other forms of detention-like conditions or have faced serious restrictions on their freedom of movement due to their migration status, the report says. It cites more than 2,290 cases where young refugees were being held without proper access to food, adequate health facilities or education in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia at the end of 2016. http://bit.ly/2swAF72

A day in the life of a child refugee in Belgrade

On Tuesday, Al Jazeera published a story portraying a day in the life of a child refugee in the Serbian capital Belgrade. The eleven-year-old from Baghlan province in Afghanistan travelled on his own to Serbia. He is among about 1,500 men and boys sharing a squalid refugee squat behind Belgrade’s central railway station waiting to try to reach northern Europe with the help of smugglers. In March he tried to cross the border and hasn’t been seen since. Four hundred children who were among those seeking shelter remain missing, although the Serbian government insists they have been taken to underage reception centers. http://bit.ly/2rZEBML

Sri Lankan President promises to help find missing persons from civil war

Australian ABC.net reported on Tuesday that following a meeting with a group of women from Kilinochchi in northern Sri Lanka, who had staged a nearly four-month-long sit-in protest, seeking information on loved ones who disappeared during the 26-year conflict, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena agreed to cooperate with the women. A spokesman for the President said he had agreed to “examine their request and take necessary measures to find the whereabouts of their missing relatives”. It is estimated 80,000 to 100,000 died and approximately half that again are still unaccounted for.  http://ab.co/2s9inWS

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