Daily World News Digest, 14 February 2019

Malaysia: campaign to account for missing pastor and associates

The Citizens Against Enforced Disappearances group in Malaysia, which is campaigning to find out what happened to four persons who went missing two years ago, has asked Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to order a new probe into the cases. The group called on Dr Mahathir to meet the family members of the missing persons to establish what happened and bring those responsible to justice. https://bit.ly/2GJJtgD

Teenage migrant missing in Aegean

Greek coastguard vessels are searching for a 15-year-old girl who went missing after the boat she was traveling in, along with more than 50 migrants, capsized off the coast of Lesbos, according to The Greek Reporter. According to the latest data provided by the Greek Coast Guard, 2,075 new migrants and refugees arrived on Greek islands in the eastern Aegean Sea during the month of January. https://bit.ly/2I9amwH

Egypt steps up executions  

Egyptian authorities have hanged three prisoners convicted of killing a police officer during clashes that erupted in the weeks following the August 2013 Rabaa massacre, Amnesty International reports. The executions brought the total number of executions in Egypt to six within a span of two weeks. https://bit.ly/2SwAtCx

US: Police help families check if missing persons match remains

Michigan State Police have held an “ID the Missing” event to help families check if missing persons match remains at Michigan medical examiner’s offices. Families bring DNA samples, other identifying documents, including dental or medical records, and pictures of the missing person. https://bit.ly/2X0FKRD

Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.