Daily World News Digest, 13 March 2019

Arbitrary arrests and extrajudicial killings in Syria

The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria says scores of civilians are being killed in Idlib and western Aleppo, Voice of America reports. The commission says arbitrary arrests, detentions and executions continue in government-controlled areas, and armed groups and terrorist organizations unlawfully detain or kidnap civilians in Idlib and Afrin for expressing political dissent or for ransom. http://bit.ly/2O1zZ1Y

Families approve burial of nine Srebrenica genocide victims

The mortal remains of at least nine victims of the Srebrenica genocide have been identified, and the families have approved burial on 11 July, the N1 TV station reports, citing the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It notes that this year’s collective funeral of the Srebrenica massacre victims might be numerically the smallest till now since no new mass graves have been discovered in recent years. http://bit.ly/2UzMBzT

UN: unknown number of missing after DRC massacre

Intercommunal violence that left at least 535 people dead near the town of Yumbi in Bandundu Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo may amount to crimes against humanity, according to United Nations investigators, the Associated Press reports. However, the death toll is likely to be higher because victims’ bodies are believed to have been dumped in the nearby Congo River, the UN said. https://bit.ly/2SZS9BS

South Sudan: enforced disappearances on the rise

The Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan has identified 23 individuals over the past year who bear command or superior responsibility for serious conflict-related crimes, the United Nations Human Rights Office reports. It says the Commission has also identified increases in arbitrary detentions, torture, executions and enforced disappearances. http://bit.ly/2F1GPk5

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