Daily World News Digest 12 September 2019

At least two persons exhumed in Srebrenica

N1 reports that incomplete remains of at least two people have been found at the Kazani settlement near Srebrenica. According to the Missing Persons Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina the remains are believed to be those of victims killed of the 1995 genocide. The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) is providing technical assistance with the excavation. https://bit.ly/2lRDEVT

March for Srebrenica victims

The Mothers of Srebrenica and the Museum Of War And Genocide Victims 1992-1995 have organized a commemorative march through the city of Mostar for the victims of the Srebrenica genocide, N1 reports. Marchers carried banners and pillows embroidered with the names of victims and demanding that the search for human remains should continue. http://bit.ly/2mdIqNT

Ireland: DNA tests for Tuam survivors

A report commissioned by Ireland’s Minister for Children and Youth Affairs has backed the collection of DNA samples from relatives of victims from the Tuam mother and baby home, according to the Extra news portal. The government is developing legislation in response to the discovery of a large number of juvenile human remains at the former home. DNA from relatives would be compared with DNA from the human remains that have been discovered in order to make identifications. http://bit.ly/2kbuLWQ

UN calls for action on enforced disappearances

In its latest annual report, the Working Group of the UN Human Rights Council urges states around the world to act urgently to prevent enforced disappearances, according to the UNOHCHR. The Council expresses concern over “the increasing use of extraterritorial abductions by a number of States”. https://bit.ly/2m5KtDs

Hurricane Dorian: missing persons

A week after Hurricane Dorian struck The Bahamas, the number of missing persons has reached 2,500 according to Bahamian officials, Al Jazeera reports, though the list of the missing “has not yet been checked against government records”. https://bit.ly/2kxBc71

US: missing indigenous women

Boise State Public Radio News from the US state of Colorado reports that Federal agencies have been challenged in a congressional subcommittee hearing for their lack of progress on the crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women in the US. The agencies have been unsuccessful in keeping records and addressing crimes against indigenous women such as violence and sexual assault. https://bit.ly/2lLIkwE

Pakistan: protests against alleged enforced disappearances

Protestors outside the UN headquarters in Geneva have highlighted what they describe as “the humanitarian crisis” in Balochistan, the Business Standard from India reports. The activists accused the Pakistani army of carrying out operations in Balochistan, which have led to an increasing number of enforced disappearances across the region. https://bit.ly/2kdAuLP

Archaeologists find historical mass grave in Czech Republic

Archaeologists have uncovered a mass grave containing human remains of Romani adults and children at the site of a former Nazi concentration camp in the Czech Republic, the Haaretz newspaper reports. More than 300 members of the Roma community died as a result of inhumane camp conditions, and hundreds of others were later deported to the Auschwitz. http://bit.ly/2lLDX4I

Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.