Daily World News Digest, 10 May 2017

Enforced disappearance among Palestinians in Syria

Middle East Monitor carried a story on Tuesday about a report by a group called the Task Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria, which has documented 1,600 cases of enforced disappearance among Palestinian refugees in Syrian regime prisons since 2011. “The real number of enforced disappearance cases is much larger as there are no official statistics issued by the Syrian regime and many families are afraid to report that their relatives are missing,” the Group said. http://bit.ly/2q2jj09

Why do countries disappear their citizens?

The Washington Post on Tuesday featured a story on enforced disappearance, noting that the UN has documented more than 55,000 disappearances in 107 countries since 1980. The article argues that states use disappearances when they cannot “read” the nature of their opposition. With enforced disappearances regimes are trying not only to coerce activists but broadly to demobilize the opposition. Exploring disappearances in different countries, the author concludes that disappearances often increase resistance and draw attention to a state’s violence. http://wapo.st/2piWCpm

Punjab: illegally detained Sikhs to get compensation after 33 years

The Indian Express reported on Wednesday that 40 Sikhs who were illegally detained by the Army and Punjab Police have won a long legal battle for compensation, almost 33 years after their arrest from the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar during the 1984 military operation to remove a militant religious leader and his followers from the complex.  The Amritsar District Judge described the case as one of “malicious prosecution, illegal detention and maltreatment on the part of authorities/defendants”. http://bit.ly/2pv0kYx

Italy to build new detention centers to speed up migrant deportations

Reuters reported on Tuesday that Italy will open new detention centers across the country in the next few months as part of its push to speed up deportations of illegal migrants. Even though violent protests and difficulty identifying migrants have led to the closure of similar centers over the past few years, the Interior Ministry has asked regional governments to provide a total of 1,600 beds in such centers. Migrant arrivals are up almost 40 percent this year after a record 181,000 came in 2016, and more than 175,000 are being housed in shelters for asylum seekers. http://bit.ly/2q1m6X0

Nearly 250 refugees feared dead after two migrant boats sink in Mediterranean

The Independent reported on Tuesday that 250 refugees were feared dead after two migrant boats sank in the Mediterranean. The Independent reported that the Libyan coastguard had picked up seven migrants who said they had been on an overloaded dinghy packed with 170 people, which sank on Sunday. Survivors of a second shipwreck were rescued by the Italian coastguard, telling authorities their boat started deflating under the weight of 130 people. http://ind.pn/2piyP9h

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