Daily World News Digest, 10 December 2015

Srebrenica mass grave uncovered 20 years after massacre

AFP reported on 9 December that Bosnian forensic experts have started exhuming the human remains from a recently uncovered mass grave believed to contain victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, the war crime prosecutor’s office said Wednesday. “So far remains of at least 15 victims have been recovered,” the prosecutor said in a statement. The mass grave was uncovered at Kozluk, a village some 70 kilometers (40 miles) north of Srebrenica. Remains of some 6,600 of the Srebrenica victims have been found, identified and buried, but exhumations have become rare events in recent years as the authorities claim to have no information on where the rest of the victims are buried. The last large-scale exhumation around Srebrenica took place in 2010, when the remains of some 50 victims were found. http://yhoo.it/1IGBNbn

Revealed: Thailand’s most senior human trafficking investigator to seek political asylum in Australia

The Guardian carried a story today saying that Thailand’s most senior police investigator into human trafficking, Major General Paween Pongsirin,  is seeking political asylum in Australia, saying he fears for his life because influential figures in the Thai government, military and police are implicated in trafficking and want him killed. In May, Thai police discovered more than 30 graves near the Malaysian border. Many of the exhumed bodies were believed to be Rohingya Muslims, a long-persecuted minority fleeing Myanmar. The investigation he led was disbanded after just five months, despite Paween insisting it was far from finished. “A person who can detain hundreds of people without being arrested for so many years cannot be an ordinary citizen,” says Paween. http://bit.ly/1NjLYiY

Pakistan Supreme Court dismissed names of missing persons from Balochistan

Balochwarna news portal reported on 9 December that the Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Nasrullah Baloch, said on Tuesday that Pakistan Supreme Court has discharged the case of 197 disappeared persons from Balochistan. At a press conference Baloch said that the Supreme Court discharged the cases of 197 missing persons from Balochistan on the instructions of Chief Secretary of Balochistan. He also said that the total number of cases of missing persons in Pakistan is more than 27,000. “All these cases were being heard at Supreme Court which have now been dismissed.’’ He also announced the organization will not stop with its protests and meetings against enforced-disappearances until the disappeared are safely discovered. http://bit.ly/1NjRi5H

Egypt: 125 forced disappearances in October, students the most vulnerable group

Daily News Egypt reported on 9 December that here have been 125 cases of enforced disappearance cases across Egypt in October and November, according to a report issued by the Stop Forced Disappearances campaign. The report, issued on Wednesday, stated that 79 individuals have been located, while the whereabouts of the remaining 64 cases remain unknown. The forced disappearance cases included 11 children, nine seniors, 15 men and 34 youths, according to the report. Students constituted the highest number, with 42% of the total number of cases. http://bit.ly/1RG6XBL

UN: Despite less fighting, eastern Ukraine still ‘’highly flammable’’ as death toll tops 9,000

UN News Center issued a news on 9 December saying that despite a significant reduction in hostilities in eastern Ukraine in the last few months in a conflict that has already left over 9,000 people dead and nearly 21,000 injured, serious human rights concerns persist, including killings, torture and impunity. Serious human rights abuses against people in the territories controlled by the self-proclaimed “Donetsk people’s republic” and “Luhansk people’s republic” continue. It also noted that elements of Ukraine’s security service appear to enjoy a high degree of impunity in documented cases of “enforced disappearance, arbitrary and incommunicado detention as well as torture and ill treatment of people suspected of trespassing against territorial integrity or terrorism or believed to be supporters” of the two self-proclaimed republics http://bit.ly/1Z0yJuU

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