Daily World News Digest, 1 October 2018

Indonesia begins mass burials for earthquake, tsunami victims

The Guardian reports that authorities in Indonesia have begun mass burials of victims of the tsunami that hit the city of Palu, as relatives of the missing combed through body bags for their loved ones and the search for survivors intensified. To stave off the spread of disease in the devastated region, Indonesia’s national disaster mitigation agency authorized the burials. https://bit.ly/2DIFKAf

Migrants on Aquarius vessel reach Malta after EU agreement

The authorities in Malta took in all 58 migrants from the unregistered rescue ship Aquarius on Sunday, after France, Germany, Portugal and Spain agreed to distribute the group among themselves earlier this week, Deutsche Welle reports. The vessel Aquarius, run SOS Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) also faced bureaucratic obstacles after Panama revoked its registration as without a flag to sail under, Aquarius loses the right to exit any port after docking. http://bit.ly/2NUQzUu

Turkey: five migrants dead and two still missing as dinghy capsizes

At least five people were killed when an inflatable boat carrying migrants sank off Turkey’s northwestern Edirne province, Anadolu reports. The dinghy was carrying 12 migrants of whom five have survived while two are still missing. http://bit.ly/2IuQ9yf

Bosnia and Herzegovina: remains of 101 victims exhumed in 2018

Remains of 101 war victims were exhumed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the first eight months of 2018, and investigators of the Missing Persons Institute (MPI) made 957 field visits to verify information on potential individual and mass graves during the same period, MPI spokesperson Lejla Čengić told FENA. http://bit.ly/2Oo0yB2

Rwanda: Three mass graves of genocide victims discovered

Three mass graves of victims of the Rwandan Genocide have been discovered in Rubavu District in Rwanda’s Western province, 24 years after the genocide, All Africa reports. According to Innocent Kabirizi, the president of the umbrella organization of genocide survivors, Ibuka, it is difficult to estimate the number of victims expected to be exhumed from the graves. http://bit.ly/2IxstJy

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