Daily World News Digest, 04 May 2018

Rwanda: new mass graves found

Exhuming the remains of victims of the 1994 genocide from recently discovered mass graves in Rwanda has proved to be more complicated than originally expected, according to officials. Houses in the town of Kabuga in Western Rwanda were built on the mass graves and have had to be demolished in order to begin the exhumation process. https://bit.ly/2rk7IZs

Colombia: 9,000 paramilitary victims exhumed from mass graves

The bodies of at least 9,000 victims of paramilitary forces have been exhumed from mass graves across Colombia since 2006, according to national authorities. More than 5,500 mass graves have been uncovered following testimony from witnesses and former Colombia United Self-Defense (UAC) groups who applied to the Justice and Peace Law, according to Mery Conejo, director of Transitional Justice of the Prosecutor’s Office. The remains of some 4,296 victims have been identified and delivered to relatives across nine departments. https://bit.ly/2HRS3Yv

Four Venezuelan migrants dead, 20 missing

Venezuelan authorities have confirmed that two male and two female Venezuelan migrants died when the vessel on which they were traveling sank while trying to reach the Dutch island of Curacao early on Thursday. Twenty others who were aboard the boat are missing. https://bit.ly/2FJ2GuC

Libya: elections threatened by extrajudicial killings and other crimes

Libyan officials say an attack on the country’s electoral commission in the capital Tripoli has killed at least 12 people. Human Rights Watch has underlined how elections will be difficult while Libya remains dominated by a patchwork of armed groups who continue extra-judicial killings, property confiscation, forced disappearances, arbitrary detention and torture. https://bit.ly/2HP9tc6

Bones discovered on New York’s “island of the dead”

Storms and the tides are unearthing human bones on Hart Island, where New York City’s indigent deceased have for 150 years been buried. Forensic anthropologists from the city Medical Examiner’s Office last week collected and catalogued 174 human bones on the island, the Star Tribune reports. http://strib.mn/2wfz9JO

Items in the Daily World News Digest are summaries of published reports relevant to the issue of missing persons, compiled by ICMP staff. These items do not necessarily reflect the position of ICMP.