Daily World News Digest, 03 May 2018

Iraq: volunteers recover the dead in Mosul

Nine months after Da’esh were defeated in their stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq it is still not clear how many civilians were killed in the battle. Hundreds of bodies belonging to civilians and Da’esh fighters have been recovered by a group of volunteers in Mosul’s Old City. https://bbc.in/2reHHuy

South Sudan urged to investigate enforced disappearances

On 2 May, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called on South Sudan’s leaders immediately and impartially to investigate the enforced disappearance of Dong Samuel Luak and Aggrey Idri, two critics of the South Sudan authorities who had sought refuge in Kenya but who were abducted in Nairobi on 23 and 24 January 2017. They were subsequently reported to have been seen in the custody of South Sudan’s National Security Service in the capital, Juba. https://bit.ly/2jq9moI

Russian citizens missing in Egypt

Eighteen Russian citizens, eight of whom are children, are reported missing in Egypt after being taken away during March and April by suspected Egyptian secret police. The relatives of the missing have raised concerns about the wellbeing and safety of their family members, saying they are unable to establish their whereabouts. https://bit.ly/2FCFRZG

Enforced disappearance and gender

An analysis published by InterPress Service argues that legislation and institutions set up to address the issue of missing persons after conflict can help to reaffirm the rights of relatives of the disappeared if new and gender-sensitive ways of conceiving accountability mechanisms are developed. “What is needed is a fuller concept of restorative justice” that reimagines “the possibility of restoring a lost social balance through a localization of the international practices and norms of transitional justice.” https://bit.ly/2FAWfK0

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