Daily Digest, 21 June 2019

Italy: call for action of researcher murdered in Egypt

The Guardian reports that the family of Giulio Regeni, who was murdered in Egypt in 2016, has urged the government to withdraw Italy’s ambassador to Cairo in response to what the family says has been interference in the proper investigation of the case. Regeni’s body was found on an outlying Cairo desert highway in February 2016, eight days after he disappeared while researching trade unions in Egypt. Italy recalled its ambassador once in April 2016 in objection to Egypt’s unwillingness to cooperate with an investigation into the murder. https://bit.ly/2IYan42

Nepal: reparations for victims

Reliefweb reports on transitional justice efforts in Nepal, where the UN Human Rights Committee has urged implementation of reparations for those who were victims of human rights violations during the ten-year civil war. The report notes that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Commission of Investigation and Enforced Disappeared Persons have not yet been appointed, and the terms of the Enforced Disappearances Inquiry have not been amended in line with the international obligations. https://bit.ly/2Fo2nbn

Mexico: mass graves

Investigators in Mexico have confirmed the existence of 1,606 mass graves with 2,489 human remains, though they say this is likely to be “just a fraction” of the actual number of graves and victims, the newspaper 20 minutos reports. It says the states of Tamaulipas, Guerrero, Veracruz, Sinaloa and Zacatecas have the largest number of mass graves (Original article in Spanish).  https://bit.ly/2Kvsz86

Bosnia and Herzegovina: remains of genocide victims found

An team led by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina has exhumed the remains of at least two people at Kameničko brdo in Bratunac Municipality in the northeast of the country, according to the Klix.ba news portal.  The Missing Persons Institute says incomplete mortal remains have been found and are assumed to be victims of the Srebrenica genocide. https://bit.ly/2x7al42

Migrant boat rescued off Spanish coast

Despite a rescue operation that saved 27 people from a sinking boat in the western Mediterranean, 20 migrants are feared to have drowned, the UK’s Daily Express reports. It notes that some 569 migrants have died or gone missing attempting to cross the Mediterranean since January, 173 of them while attempting to reach Spain. https://bit.ly/2FoocYr

China targeting Families of Uighurs Abroad

VOAnews reports on the Chinese government’s detention of Uighurs and others in so-called re-education camps in the Xinjiang region in northwest China. It says interrogations, torture, incarceration in camps, and enforced disappearances are being used against the families of Uighurs residing abroad. https://bit.ly/2RtmPwA

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