Daily Digest, 18 June 2019

Syria: 4,550 bodies exhumed from mass graves in the past year

Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reports on efforts by the local authorities in the Syrian city of Raqqa to locate and excavate mass graves. It describes the work of a small medical and legal team that accompanies exhumations. It says 4,550 bodies have been exhumed since January 2018, but only 900 have been identified and returned to families. https://bit.ly/2RnGde5

Mexico: forensic techniques will be “fine-tuned”

The Mexican radio channel, MVS reports that Undersecretary of Human Rights, Migration and Population Alejandro Encinas Rodríguez has told families of the missing that search protocols, exhumations, and identification techniques will be fine-tuned in order to address the missing persons issue more effectively. https://bit.ly/2Ks0Bu2

Nepal: difficulties in recovering bodies of mountaineers

Channel News Asia reports on the difficulty of recovering the human remains of climbers who have died on Mount Everest. The report says the International Commission on Missing Persons and the International Committee of the Red Cross should be invited to share their experience to improve the methods of locating and identifying the remains of the missing. https://bit.ly/2IUejmj

Egypt: call for investigation into former president’s death

Amnesty International has called for an immediate investigation into the death of former President Mohammed Morsi in Egypt. Amnesty notes that Mohamed Morsi was forcibly disappeared for months after he was detained and then reappeared in court in 2013 but was then held in solitary confinement for nearly six years. https://bit.ly/2WNtgQI

Ireland: island with mass graves open to visitors

Spike Island in Ireland has been opened to visitors to learn about the prison that was established there in the 1850s, the travel guide Lonely Planet reports. The prison existed for 36 years and had approximately 1,000 deaths with 900 prisoners buried in mass graves. https://bit.ly/2KYJgIK

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