Daily Digest, 18 July 2019

UK: Facial recognition & missing persons

The Daily Telegraph reports that police in Britain are preparing to use facial recognition technology to help find thousands of missing persons. Technology will use CCTV cameras to scan the faces of members of the public and match them against a database in real time. According to data received from National Crime Agency, around 180,000 people including 200 children are reported missing every year. https://bit.ly/2Gf6K9l

Philippines: definition of extrajudicial killing

The Philippines Star reports on a legislative initiative to define extrajudicial killing. It says bill has been brought before Congress that seeks to define extrajudicial killing as “the unlawful, and deliberate killing of targeted individuals or groups thereof, carried out by agents of the State and under its order of acquiescence in lieu of arrest, investigation and prosecution,” and will include “summary killing perpetrated by private individuals for purposes of carrying out on their own or in the context of vigilantism, a campaign or policy of the State.” https://bit.ly/2K0DlAT

KRG asks Iraqi Government to sign the Rome Statute

The KRG Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs (MoMAA) has asked the Iraqi government to sign the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. It says this will help to prevent future atrocities “and will put the Da’esh criminals in front of international criminal courts”, Lalish Duhok reports. https://bit.ly/2YaQss3

Iraq: Anfal mass grave excavation

The Directorate of Mass Graves Protection and Affairs (MGD) of the Martyrs’ Foundation reports that it is excavating a mass grave at Tal Al-Shekhah in Al-Muthana Province in the south of Iraq which contains the bodies of Kurdish victims of the Saddam Hussein regime (Original post in Arabic). https://bit.ly/2LXrTII


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