Daily Digest, 11 July 2019

Srebrenica: anniversary of genocide

N1 reports on preparations for the burial today of 33 newly identified victims of the genocide in Srebrenica. Thousands of people will gather at the Memorial Center in Potočari, outside Srebrenica, to honor the 6,610 victims already buried there. More than 1,000 victims are still missing. 6,610 victims are buried at the Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Centre, 26 are women. https://bit.ly/2LgJRGq

Valentin Inzko in Srebrenica

The Oslobodjenje newspaper reports that the international community’s High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, speaking in Srebrenica, said that denying genocide is absurd. He said a law prohibiting genocide denial will be enacted before the next Srebrenica anniversary. (original article in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian). https://bit.ly/2LMt7q5

Lars Gunnar Wigemark on Srebrenica

Oslobodjenje reports that the Head of the European Union’s Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, speaking in Srebrenica, said the European Union is based on recognition of the Holocaust and the obligation never to allow a repetition. Europeans “can only bend our heads in shame” because of the genocide at Srebrenica, which took place on the EU’s doorstep (Original article in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian). https://bit.ly/2LMrhFH

Ćamil Duraković former mayor of Srebrenica

Oslobodjenje reports that former Srebrenica Mayor Ćamil Durakovic has pointed out that the high profile given to Srebrenica each anniversary tends to be followed by inattention during the rest of the year, and he stressed that survivors need the solidarity of other citizens and the support of the authorities. (Original article in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian). https://bit.ly/2Lhd5oU

Pakistan: community says it is target for disappearances

Rights activists in Pakistan say that large number of Shia Muslims have gone missing, following detention by security forces on their return from Syria and Iraq, Deutsche Welle reports. Shia organizations and activists in Pakistan say the Syria connection is simply an excuse to target one religious community. https://bit.ly/2LNJwe6

Egypt: detainees sent back to prison

The Egyptian authorities are sending victims of arbitrary detention back to prison instead of respecting court orders to release them, Amnesty International says. Amnesty has documented five cases where the Supreme State Security Prosecution has bypassed court orders to release individuals from arbitrary detention. The same individuals have been sent back to prison on new charges. https://bit.ly/2LMzBoP

South Korea: excavating clandestine graves from 1950

The New York Times reports on an archaeologist in South Korea who has started to excavate possible sites of clandestine graves dating from 1950, at the outset of the Korean War. https://nyti.ms/32m0kP9


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