Daily World News Digest, 7 November 2016

Three school girls missing in Assam

The Assam Times carried an article yesterday on an incident in which three girls went missing on Saturday from Udalguri district in the north of Assam, which is in the northeast of India. Family members and locals believe that the girls, all aged 14, were victims of a human trafficking group that has been active in this part of the state. The All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union and the Gorkha Sanmilon have appealed to police to take immediate action. http://bit.ly/2fuMemQ

Mass Graves on the road to Mosul 

Buzzfeed carried a story on 5 November describing bodies and clusters of mass graves found on the way to Mosul. A former policeman explains how over the last two years he has been burying victims of Da’esh. “Five civilians in one hole became seven soon after, he remembered. Another pit held 15. He found about 30 bodies in all, he said, and heard word of others. Some of them he recognized as people from his village. Others he’d never seen before. ‘We don’t know who they are — maybe Yazidis, anybody,’ he said, requesting, for security reasons, to use only his first name. ‘Anyone we saw, we just buried.’” http://bzfd.it/2fg4csl

Group says more than 110 officials involved in 1988 massacre in Iran identified

Iranfocus.com reported yesterday that the National Council of Resistance of Iran stated on 4 November that more than 110 senior officials involved in the 1988 Massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in Iran have been identified. Members of the “Death Commissions” in Tehran and 16 other Iranian provinces still hold senior offices, because their identities and their role in the massacre have remained secret for nearly three decades, the portal says. The new information was revealed at a press conference organized by the Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Oslo on Friday morning, where, for the first time, the Iranian Resistance provided details of 213 regime officials who carried out the massacre, and who were involved in carrying out death orders in 35 cities throughout Iran. http://bit.ly/2fwHOKD

Spain: excavation work at mass grave of 120 Civil War victims

The Daily Mail published an article on 4 November on the search for victims of the Spanish Civil War in Majorca. Skeletons have already been uncovered at the spot where around 120 bodies are believed to have been dumped during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. The dig started after decades of pressure from families of the victims, most of whom were lined up and shot against a wall between 1936 and 1939, the paper says. The remains of around 2,000 people killed by Franco’s security forces are thought to be lying in unmarked graves on Majorca. http://dailym.ai/2eNDhnc

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