Ireland Contributes to ICMP Funding

The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) has received a contribution from the Government of Ireland towards its work in the former Yugoslavia. The 150,000 Euro contribution was the first installment of a two-year commitment made by the Government of Ireland; Ireland has pledged to make a contribution of the same amount in 2006.The Government of Ireland has been a valued supporter of the activities of ICMP, which assists governments in addressing missing persons issues, since 2002.

ICMP is an international organization funded entirely by donor governments and foundations. This financial assistance enables the work of ICMP's forensic anthropologists and archeologists at mass grave sites, of scientists in the ICMP laboratories extracting DNA profiles from bones and family members’ blood samples for identification of the missing, and of other ICMP programs that assist family members of missing persons and local governments.

ICMP activities are also supported by the Governments of the United States of America, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Greece and the Holy See, and by the European Union.