ICMP Forensic Experts are Participates in this Year’s Largest Gathering of World-Renowned DNA Experts

International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) is going to be present at the Third European American School in Forensic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Course in Advanced Molecular and Cellular Medicine. The Course will take place in Zagreb, Croatia between the 1st and 5th September 2003.Our scientists will be in position to discuss their work with the most respected experts all over the world in the fields of Forensic Genetics. Possibility to take part in such a high profiled gathering was given to us as recognition of our developed scientific researching as well as our humanitarian role in the region. We cooperate closely with all local Governments and institutions that are working in process of identification of missing persons.

Gordon Bacon, Chief of Staff of ICMP, stated: ” ICMP has been present in the region for seven years. Unfortunately there are more than 40 000 people missing after conflicts that happened in the recent past, we put all our efforts to help the finding and identification of the missing, by developing the DNA techniques of identification we help families find a closure. ”

Edwin Huffine, Head of Forensics Scientific Department, explained: ” The Croatian DNA labs are the pioneers in this region for using DNA testing to aid in the identification of the missing and the ICMP has enjoyed great and increasing cooperation with the Croatian experts and authorities. During the past two years the ICMP's DNA system has developed into one of the world's leaders in this field and is currently producing between 300-400 DNA reports per month. The experience of both Croatian and ICMP scientists demonstrates that using DNA testing on a large-scale to help identify the missing is not just a possibility, it is a reality.”