German Donation of 300,000 EUR to ICMP

The Federal Republic of Germany has generously donated 300,000 EUR to support ICMP's DNA laboratory in Sarajevo. The donation will be used for the purchase of DNA reagents and chemicals and will significantly assist ICMP's DNA – led identification process. The purpose is to increase the number of identifications of persons missing from the 1990's conflicts in the regions of the former Yugoslavia. The agreement is to be signed by Mr. Achim Tröster, Chargé d´Affaires a.i. of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sarajevo, and Mr. Adam Boys, ICMP Principal Director, in ICMP headquarters in Sarajevo on 8th June 2004.
The armed conflicts in the territories of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990 have resulted in up to 40,000 missing persons. Although thousands of mortal remains have been exhumed from mass graves since the cessation of these conflicts, most of them have not been identified. ICMP esti-mates that over 25,000 people are still missing.
ICMP has created a pioneering DNA-led process in an effort to identify large numbers of missing persons. To date, ICMP has achieved a total of 6,667 DNA matches. This number represents 5,012 missing individuals. The long lasting uncertainty regarding the fate of missing persons is a continuing source of anguish for their families and is a real obstacle in reconciliation and rebuilding of society. ICMP's identification process brings closure to the families of missing persons, helps them clarify the fate of their loved ones.
ICMP is grateful to the Federal Republic of Germany for this generous contribution and for its con-tinuing support to the programme and activities of the Commission.