ICMP Recives Further Support From The Holy See

The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) is pleased to announce that the Holy See has generously donated a further 10,000 KM towards its work. Having contributed to ICMP in the past, this new funding shows the importance that is placed by the Vatican on the work of the ICMP mission.Gordon Bacon, Chief of Mission for ICMP, said:
“We would like to thank the Holy See for their continued support of our work. Every contribution means more families have the chance of closure, and of giving their loved ones a dignified resting place. Most of our donors from 2002 have continued their support in 2003, and we hope that many other countries who have not yet contributed to ICMP’s work will be able to do so in the near future.”

ICMP works across the Balkan region with governments, local and regional organizations, the family associations, and with the latest scientific technology to locate, recover and identify those missing during the conflicts of the last decade. By encouraging families of all ethnicities and religious persuasions to work together, ICMP believes it is a contributing factor to help them find and identify their loved ones, as well as being a major step towards peace, justice and reconciliation.