Edward Greene, Director of Corporate Services

Edward Joined ICMP on July 1st 2021 as Director, Corporate Services responsible for financial and operational management. With over 25 years experience working with the IFC/UNDP project (AMSCO), The Global Fund, The Caribbean Development Bank and a host of other international organizations, Edward brings an additional wealth of field experience, financial and operational management at the corporate level.

At the Global Fund, Edward was a key catalyst, through project financing, in driving Zambia and South Africa towards “universal access for all”, through their national HIVs programs. At the Caribbean Development Bank, Edward was key in leading multi-stakeholder technical assistance programs geared towards improving capacity within the region.

Prior to joining ICMP, Edward led the operations of a start up (Gemini Capital Partners) and a young International NGO (Aflatoun International). He steered both organizations towards solid financial stability through innovative financial solutions, value for money and strengthened operational management with robust policies and procedures to allow for long term sustainability and impact. Edward’s international living and working experience covers the regions of Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.