Edin H. Jasaragic, Head of the Data Coordination Division

Edin H. Jasaragic joined ICMP in early 2000 and is currently the Head of the Data Coordination Division.

Before joining ICMP he worked for Physicians for Human Rights as part of the Forensic Assistance Program.  At ICMP Mr Jasaragic has held a number of positions, from Team Leader in the Forensic Science Program to Head of the Identification Coordination Center and Head of the Data Analysis and Data Coordination Division. With ICMP, Mr Jasaragic has been deployed to Disasters Victims Identification (DVI) missions throughout Asia and Africa.

He is currently based at ICMP’s MENA Program. Mr Jasaragic holds a Masters Degrees in International Security and Diplomacy from the Criminalistics and Criminology Faculty of the University of Sarajevo.