Caroline Barker, Head of Archaeology and Anthropology Division

Caroline Barker joined ICMP in 2013 as a forensic anthropology trainer with the ICMP’s Libya program, and is currently the Head of ICMP’s Archaeology and Anthropology Division (AAD), dividing her time between country programmes and ICMP’s headquarters in the Hague.

The primary function of the ICMP’s AAD is training and capacity building in support of country programmes and external partners. Promoting global standards in the application of forensic archaeological and anthropological scientific methods as part of the ICMP’s integrated multidisciplinary rule of law approach to to address the missing persons issue.

Originally schooled in traditional archaeology and osteology, in the late 199O’s this knowledge and experience was applied in a forensic capacity, working as a field based forensic archaeologist for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (UN ICTY).  This has subsequently developed into an international forensic career spanning two decades, working for the UNDPKO, UK FCO, INGOs, NGOs and multi-stakeholder programmes; addressing the issue of the Missing in challenging conflict, post conflict and disaster contexts in the Balkans, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

She has designed, developed and led adult capacity building, training, skills enhancement and mentoring and monitoring initiatives at the operational and managerial levels on a number of inter-disciplinary programmes and projects designed to promote and protect human rights; to ensure the development of informed, robust advocacy & forensic strategies, policies, working practices in the creation of in country capacity to effect longer term sustainable change.