Adnan Rizvic, Director of Data Systems and Coordination

Adnan Rizvic is director of ICMP’s Data Systems and Coordination Department, which is responsible for developing and implementing data collection strategies, establishing global data sharing and analysis mechanisms, monitoring and ensuring quality control of internal and external data entry points, and ensuring effective data flow and global data security. Data Systems maintains ICMP’s Online Inquiry Center (OIC), an open-access, interactive tool to provide or obtain information about a missing person, and ICMP’s Integrated Data Management System (iDMS), a set of web based applications that enables dynamic and consistent data sharing among users.

Before becoming Director of Data Systems and Coordination, Mr Rizvic was Deputy Director of the Forensic Sciences Department. He joined ICMP in January 2000 and was instrumental in the establishment of ICMP’s Identification Coordination Division in Tuzla.

Adnan Rizvic previously worked for Physicians for Human Rights as their Forensic Program Coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has a degree in Engineering Science from Tuzla University.