Stefan Prost

Stefan Prost is geneticist with a PhD in Biological Anthropology. He has many years of experience working with heavily degraded DNA samples, high-throughput sequencing technologies, population genetics and (wildlife) forensics. Besides his genetic work, he has experience in forensic anthropology, forensic archeology, disaster victim identification, and Search & Recovery (SAR). He was part of the SAR effort after the Camp Fire in California in 2018. His duties included identification of human remains in the field, planning and liaison between SAR and anthropology teams. A paramedic for more than 20 years, he has specialized in incident management. Prost is part of the Austrian Red Cross international medical response team and part of various DVI response pools for organizations including ICMP, the ICRC and Kenyon International. He has many years of experience in Urban SAR, backcountry SAR, SAR Tracking, and mountain rescue.